Hello Friends!

It's time for an update. After living in the New Orleans area for 13 years, I decided to re-locate to Gulf Breeze, Florida where I actually lived before from '85-'98. It's where all my kids were born and 3 of them and my first grandbaby have moved here also. I have already put another band together, Crossroads, and we just started playing our first gigs. I have decided to really concentrate on recording my songs, some which I wrote in the mid 90's, and to work on new ones. I have met some great musicians here and look forward to finally putting out a full cd. I still have a couple of singles on I Tunes and CD Baby from my Sun Studio recordings available for purchase now so go there and spend a couple of bucks. I would really appreciate it ! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you at one of my gigs are at one the Blues Jams in Pensacola. Contact me for details about those. Take care, be safe, and give someone you love a call. So like the song says, " live like you were dying. "

Rocky Denney

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